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#ifndef __LUT
#define __LUT 1

#define TRIG_UNIT                   511
#define ANGLE_UNIT                  256
/* The same idea as 2*PI, PI/2, PI/4, etc. */
#define ANGLE_UNIT_2                (ANGLE_UNIT*2)
#define ANGLE_UNIT_HALF             (ANGLE_UNIT/2)
#define ANGLE_UNIT_EIGHTH           (ANGLE_UNIT/8)
#define ANGLE_UNIT_QUART            (ANGLE_UNIT/4)

long lut_sin (long a);
/* long lut_cos (long a);  As a macro */
#define lut_cos(angle) (lut_sin((angle)+ANGLE_UNIT_QUART))
long lut_angle (long dx, long dy);
long lut_dist (long x, long y);

/* You see, 360 degree, 2*PI radians are more or less arbitrary angle units.
 * Since I have created my own trig functions I can create my own
 * angle units. I created ones that powers of 2.

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